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Useful Physics Formulas

Certain physics formulas are more commonly used than others, and these are the formulas that are convenient to have at your fingertips.

I put together a set of pages below which give the formulas used in classical mechanics that I have found to be most useful over the years. These are the formulas that are most likely to be applied when you solve non-textbook (i.e. real world) physics problems. The formulas cut across all the relevant areas of classic mechanics, and as such, are pretty much all you need to solve a wide variety of problems for one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional dynamics.

Where necessary, brief descriptions and graphical illustrations are given to convey the correct meaning of the formulas and equations, and how they apply.

Click on the links below to see the formulas and equations for those particular subject areas.

Motion Along A Straight Line
Motion Along A Circular Path
Circular Motion
Projectile Motion
Newton's Laws Of Motion
Work And Energy
Rotational Inertia
Center Of Mass
Momentum And Collisions
A Closer Look At Velocity And Acceleration
Rigid Body Dynamics
Parallel Axis And Parallel Plane Theorem

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