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The Physics Of Battle

The physics of battle is a broad subject. It encompasses ancient battle machines and weapons used centuries ago, as well as those used today. The physics of these devices can range from fairly simple to very complex. It is interesting that some of the designs used many ages ago have not changed very much. For example, the trebuchet and catapult were used for centuries with little change in their overall design.

Nowadays, using sophisticated methods we can analyze the physics of various battle machines and weapons, and as a result obtain optimal designs more quickly than ancient designers could using trial and error.

Ancient battle machines and weapons are more of a hobby now for people who are curious about them, and how they work. For the determined hobbyist, an online search can yield much in the way of good information.

Click on the links below to learn about the physics involved in these battle machines and weapons, and their design.

Catapult Physics
Slingshot Physics
Trebuchet Physics
Trebuchet Simulator

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