About me and why I created this physics website.

Learn Physics

The purpose of this page is to provide a useful resource for those who wish to learn physics, at the high school level and above. The focus is on real-world applications, and the presentation of the physics here will be geared towards that.

Learning physics is best done when one can see what the purpose of physics is, and how it can be used to analyze and solve real-world problems. With these problems it is not always obvious what methods you should use to solve them. This is unlike typical textbook problems, where it is fairly certain that the solution involves the use of the material taught in the chapter. But with a real-world problem this is generally not known. However, this need not be a reason to dread physics.

There are in fact many real-world problems where a simple understanding and the proper use of an equation (or two) will solve the problem. But there are also real-world problems that are unavoidably challenging and require time and effort to solve. This website strikes a balance between the two. However, most of the problems here are accessible to people who have sufficient background knowledge. And if you don't, the links on this page will lead you to other pages that are geared towards helping you acquire that knowledge.

The links below are organized according to topic and subject area.

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