About me and why I created this physics website.

Physics Problems And Solutions
For Real World Applications

This website contains a variety of physics problems, complete with solutions, taken from real world applications. The intent is to stimulate awareness and understanding of the physical world for people who are interested in physics.

Maybe you want to know how the physics you were taught in school applies to the "real world". This website will answer that question.

One of the main areas of focus here will be classical mechanics; which is basically, the study of forces and motion. It is one of the most interesting areas of physics. And so many things from our everyday lives, such as sports and amusement parks, have a strong relationship to classical mechanics.

If something moves in a manner more complicated than a straight line, chances are there's some good physics involved. The topics covered in this website will show examples of this.

It's inescapable; the physics of everyday things is all around us. It's just a matter of expressing them in the well-known language of physics. However, this will not be a trivial or superficial treatment. The explanations and solutions will go right to the heart of the problem, but will be clear and concise so that you can appreciate the wonders of the physical world, and understand how they actually work.

The solutions for the problems will not just consist of "plug 'n chug" formula usage, and number crunching. Intuitive explanations will be included so you have a "feel" for what's happening.

Feel free to look at the different examples of physics problems. What's your interest? Sports? Amusement parks? Battle machines and weapons? It's all here. There is plenty for you to get started.

For those who want to learn theory, there is an education section which is subdivided into different areas of physics. This section was created to assist students and teachers in their courses, and for those who just want to learn some theory. The topics covered in the theory sections focus primarily on kinematics and dynamics, which give the necessary background for understanding most of the real-world topics discussed on this website.

In addition, there is a kids section to help kids learn science, with an emphasis on physics. This is a useful resource for parents and teachers who want to engage their kids in the sciences, and help plant the "seeds" for future interest, and a potential career, in the sciences.