The Physics Of Sports

The physics of sports has broad applications, and is useful for boosting performance in a variety of athletic disciplines.

A lot of the time, good athletic performance is based on proper control and coordination of movement. Other times, it helps to have a good understanding of the physics taking place, and then using this knowledge to your advantage.

In this section, I discuss the physics of various sports. My focus is on the most interesting physics taking place in that particular sport. I make an effort to explain those concepts that can be directly applied to the sport itself. For example, knowing the club head speed with which to strike a golf ball isn't very useful to a golfer. But what is useful is knowing the swing angle to uncock your wrists so that the club head hits the golf ball with the greatest speed possible.

Click on the links below to learn about the physics involved in these particular sports.

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In addition to the content on this site, there's a great book you can get from Amazon on the physics of sports. This book contains a collection of many different sports related topics written by different authors. I have this book and it's an excellent resource, both for the layperson and for those who want mathematical rigor when they learn physics.

The physics of the following sports are discussed in this book:

Baseball, basketball, bicycling, bowling, discus, drag racing, fly casting, football, golf, jumping, karate strikes, rowing, running, sailing, shot put, skiing, springboard diving, swimming, tennis

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