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High School Physics

The topics listed below are common to the high school physics curriculum. The main focus here is on classical mechanics. Click on the links to learn about these particular topics.

Motion Along A Straight Line

Motion Along A Circular Path

Circular Motion

Projectile Motion

Newton's Laws Of Motion

Work And Energy (relevant section: "Work And Energy – For Particles")


Momentum And Collisions (relevant section: "Conservation Of Linear Momentum")

Below is a list of popular real-world applications that require a physics analysis and solution. The solutions use concepts commonly taught in physics courses in high school. These solutions contain different physics concepts. For purposes of overall understanding, it is better to solve a few problems that involve numerous concepts than many little problems that each focus on a single concept. Quality over quantity applies well to solving physics problems.

Amusement Parks

Ferris Wheel Physics

Roller Coaster Physics


The Physics Of Basketball

The Physics Of Billiards (relevant sections: "Physics Of Billiards – Ball Collision" and "Physics Of Billiards – Analysis Of Ball Collision")

The Physics Of Pole Vaulting

The Physics Of Skydiving

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