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Toy Telescope

picture of a toy telescope

A toy telescope made for kids is great for seeing far away objects up close. As a scientific tool for exploration, the telescope is invaluable. It has been around for hundreds of years and it ranges from simple hand held designs to the 11 ton Hubble telescope which can see far into the universe.

Check out this video showing a view of Jupiter through a telescope:

Telescopes bend light from distant objects a certain way, using mirrors and lenses, in order to make them appear close. Binoculars and camera lenses are a type of telescope.

The more powerful a telescope is, the farther away it can see. Telescopes are often used to see the other planets in our solar system. On a clear, starry night you can see several of the planets in our solar system, with Jupiter being one of the most popular. The video shows a view of Jupiter through a telescope. That is very impressive, considering that its distance from earth is hundreds of millions of miles.

Some telescopes are designed to work in space, such as the Hubble telescope. The orbit of the Hubble around the earth enables it to take very high-resolution pictures which would not be possible on earth. The reason for this is because it avoids the effects of image distortion caused by the earth's atmosphere. This has allowed the Hubble telescope to record some of the most detailed deep space images ever.

But regardless of the distortion effects caused by the atmosphere, you can still clearly see plenty of cool objects in space using a telescope here on earth. You can look at comets, meteor showers, and the moon as well. So there's no lack of neat things to look at.

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