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Thunder Tube

picture of a thunder tube

A thunder tube (also called a thunder drum) is a fascinating sound making toy. It can create a sound which sounds a lot like thunder, hence its name.

Check out a video of a thunder tube:

The toy has three elements: A tube, a semi-rigid membrane covering one end, and a flexible spring that is connected to the membrane. These three components have a unique role in the generation of the thunder sound. This sound is low in frequency, fairly loud, and increases and decreases in intensity, just like real thunder does.

The thunder tube demonstrates the physics of waves. The vibrating spring transfers its mechanical energy to the membrane, which transfers the energy into the tube in the form of sound. The length of the tube is just the right length to create standing waves and resonance. As a result of this, the vibrating spring efficiently converts its energy into sound by way of the membrane. This results in the loud thunder sound that is heard.

There are no batteries needed for this toy, which is part of what makes it great. You can use the thunder tube to add excitement to special events, parties, theater performances, and home videos. With a small flick of the wrist, or rubbing the tube in the right place, you can create a surprising variety of different sounds. In addition to thunder sounds, you can create weird alien noises, creaking door noises, and spooky sounds too.

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