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Stomp Rocket

picture of a stomp rocket

The stomp rocket is a super fun toy. To use it, all you have to do is put your foot down as hard as you can on the air bladder. This forces a small rocket to shoot high up into the air.

Check out a video of a stomp rocket:

The way it works is that the air inside the bladder is forced out at high speed, and this air flow is directed at high pressure underneath the rocket, which causes it to shoot up at high speed. It's a very simple concept.

You can try jumping on the bladder to create as much compression force as possible. The key is to compress the bladder as fast as possible, which means your foot speed has to be as fast as possible when it strikes the bladder. You can try striking the air bladder with your hand or fist but it won't provide nearly as much force as your foot. This means the bladder won't compress as fast, and as a result the rocket won't fly as high.

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