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Chaos Tower

picture of chaos tower

The chaos tower is a fascinating display of motion. Balls travel from the top of the tower to the bottom in a complicated way. You can design your own twists and turns and other obstacles for the balls to go through. The end result is a beautiful display of seemingly chaotic motion, much like the kind you would imagine exists in an eccentric inventor's workshop.

Check out a video of a chaos tower:

Test and improve your visualization skills and basic understanding of physics. By placing turns, inclines, baskets, and other components in the right places you can create a very interesting path for the balls to travel on the way down. If you encounter a problem and the ball gets stuck somewhere, or falls off, you just tweak the design until the problem is fixed. The number of designs you can come up with is practically infinite.

It can be tricky to assemble, so it may be necessary for an adult to assist in putting it together. But the end result is a fun toy illustrating how much fun science can be.

This next video shows two chaos towers put together. The creator of this got especially creative.

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