Steam Table Calculator

I created a steam table calculator which makes it easy to calculate the thermodynamic properties of water in the subcooled, saturated, and superheated region. This calculator is programmed in Microsoft Excel. The calculator uses data points from thermodynamic property tables, and uses linear interpolation to calculate the following six thermodynamic properties: Temperature (T), pressure (P), specific volume (v), energy (u), enthalpy (h), and entropy (s). The Excel spreadsheet calculates thermodynamic properties in the superheated region for an absolute pressure range of 0.01-80 MPa, using 30 data tables spread apart over this pressure range. It calculates thermodynamic properties in the subcooled region for an absolute pressure range of 5-50 MPa, using 7 data tables spread apart over this range.

In the saturated region, you can specify any of the six thermodynamic properties and automatically solve for the remaining five. In the subcooled and superheated region, you can specify (P, T), (P, v), (P, u), (P, h), or (P, s), and automatically solve for the remaining thermodynamic properties.

All the files that come with this calculator are contained in a single (compressed) file, in the "zip" format. You need to uncompress this file before you can do anything. This file can be uncompressed with several different types of compression software (such as WinZip, which may already be installed on your computer). If you don't have compression software on your computer, or you are unable to uncompress the file with the software you do have, you can download and install the 7-zip compression software on to your computer. It's available for free at:

To use the calculator you need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. The program is compatible with all versions of Excel.

Click on this link to see a screen capture of the Excel spreadsheet for the superheated region.

The cost of the steam table calculator is $4.95 USD. It's available as an instant download via PayPal.

I also created a free evaluation version of the steam table calculator, also in Excel. This free version is limited in its functionality and allows you to only calculate thermodynamic properties inside the saturated region. The paid full version includes calculations for the subcooled and superheated regions. To download this free evaluation version right-click on this link. This file is in a compressed "zip" format and must be uncompressed before you can use it.

Note that the Excel program uses SI units for the thermodynamic property values. Sometime in the future I plan on incorporating imperial (old English) units for the property value calculations.

To purchase the full version for $4.95 USD, click on the Buy Now button below. This will open another browser window, which will take you to the PayPal site. From there you can enter your purchase information, and then download the product.

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