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Real World Physics Problems Newsletter - Teaching Resources, Issue #22
August 24, 2015

Teaching Resources For Science And Physics

The school year will start soon and in preparation for that I've been hard at work creating teaching resource material for elementary school science teachers and high school physics teachers. In keeping with the spirit of my physics website and newsletter, the resource material covers real-world topics.

It is sometimes difficult for teachers to find good resource material for their classes that is both relevant to the subject matter being taught and is interesting to students. My goal while creating these resources was to do both.

The physics resource material includes the following:

• Example problems in physics that address parts of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

• A 48 page ebook on MythBusters Physics which provides a discussion and physics analysis of many myths that are tested on the show. If you like the show you will like this ebook.

The science resource material includes the following:

• An 8 page ebook on how to teach parts of the NGSS using a select group of science toys.

• A 28 page ebook on cute animal physics which can be used to teach kids about physics as it relates to certain cute bird animals (such as penguins). In addition, this ebook can be used to teach parts of the NGSS.

I had fun putting this resource material together, and I think it's both useful and interesting. I'll create more of it in the future based on new ideas I get and the feedback I receive.

If you want to comment on these resources you can easily do so on the bottom of the physics and science resource pages, in the comment section.

Until next time.


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